Friday, September 4, 2015

Patrick Kane: The Blackhawks' Black Sheep

Following rumors regarding an incident involving Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane, Hamburg Policy Chief Gregory Wickett issued a statement on August 7th to confirm that the Hamburg Police Department is currently investigating a reported sexual assault at the off-season residence of Kane.  

Although nearly a month has passed since the alleged assault, very little information has been released from either the Hamburg Police or the Erie County District Attorney’s office regarding specifics of the investigation. But this doesn’t necessarily mean Kane is in the clear.

Kane’s accuser alleges that he “invited her and a female friend to his home for a private party” after they met him at bar in downtown Hamburg. Shortly after arriving, the victim alleges that Kane followed her into a room where “he overpowered her and raped her.” The victim then left Kane’s home seeking treatment at a local hospital where sources close to Kane’s accuser have revealed that the victim had bite marks on her shoulders as well as a scratch on her leg.

To date, the Hamburg Police Department has noted that the 26 year old remains under investigation while forensic evidence is being tested, including a rape kit. While no charges have been filed, a witness to the alleged assault has been subpoenaed by a grand jury to testify.

Considering that the Blackhawks are one of the more image-conscious teams in the NHL (if not the most), it will be interesting to see how the team moves forward with these allegations against Kane  especially since this is not his first brush with the law.  

Erica Vincent
Editor in Chief

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